We are looking for passionate, hardworking leaders to join our Sparrow Conference family for the 2018 conference season in Dallas, Texas.

Sparrow Conference hopes to unify and catalyze a movement of reconcilers currently in college. College can be a difficult time to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus, and we would love your help sharing our mission and invitation to these students! As a Campus Ambassador, you will be responsible for inviting women on your college campus to attend Sparrow Conference on April 13-14, 2018! Our goal through this program is to engage more college women in Sparrow Conference and to have students use their on-campus connections to officially invite women to join us in seeking truth, freedom, identity, and purpose in Jesus Christ.

Want to join us? Simply fill out the application below and we'll be in touch.

This application will close January 29th and we will be in touch with you soon after that with more information.



If selected, your job as a Campus Ambassador will begin February 1st. You will be committed to serving Sparrow Conference until the weekend of the conference (April 13-14). You will receive one all-access pass to Sparrow Conference as compensation for your hard work!

The responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador:

  • Distribute 100-200 fliers, depending on the size of your campus.

  • Contact at least 3 campus ministries, sororities, or organizations to share about Sparrow Conference 2018

  • Share/repost relevant Sparrow news on your personal social media. (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter).


2018 Sparrow Conference Campus Ambassador Application

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