Interview with We Are Unveiled


We are so excited that We Are Unveiled is one of our ministry partners for this year’s Sparrow Conference. To introduce you to We Are Unveiled, we interviewed founder, Monica Zuniga on the blog.

Sparrow Conference: Monica, we are so excited to be partnering with We Are Unveiled this year, can you tell our readers about We Are Unveiled? 

Monica Zuniga: Of course! We Are Unveiled is a non-profit ministry that exist to create a safe place and platform for women all over the world to share their stories and victory in Jesus’ name. We are continually developing this through a Holy Spirit-led culture of authenticity, intentionality, and, most of all, discipleship. Our desire and God-given vision for this ministry is to see women boldly sharing their stories. And how this vision plays out in the day to day is through a variety of creative outlets; whether that be via our social media platforms, being featured in our blog, in one of our Volumes, or capturing stories through our full-length video testimonials. Our goal is to give a voice to as many women as possible and create a vulnerable, safe space for them to share.

In short, stories are our platform and discipleship is our mission.

SC: Tell us about the beginnings of We Are Unveiled. What led you and the other women to start this? What is the meaning behind the name we are unveiled?

MZ: I love this question for so many reasons, but mainly because re-telling this story never gets old. God gave me the vision for We Are Unveiled one summer afternoon in 2014 while I was driving home from a meeting. I saw an image of a computer screen with Facebook pulled up and a video on the screen. The woman in the video was sharing her story and suddenly the video started to go viral. The computer screen began to scroll up at a rapid speed with comments and views. I arrived home and asked the Lord what this vision meant. He said 'Share my daughters stories.’ I knew part of that mission meant capturing testimonies. I tried to brush it off, but I couldn’t shake the vision or His words so I decided to take steps toward making this a reality. Over the next few months, God began to put our amazing team together and give more mission to this vision. Our team of nine would meet periodically over the next 9 months to discuss how this vision would come to life. The majority of those early days were spent in prayer and brainstorming. When it came to our name, we spent a week in prayer asking God to reveal to us through His word what He wanted this ministry to be named. The next week several of us girls on the team came back with the word 'unveiled' and 2 Corinthians 3:8. It’s from that whole chapter and specifically that verse where We Are Unveiled came from.

SC: We love you heart for discipleship and connecting women. How does We Are Unveiled do this specifically?

MZ: We Are Unveiled’s primary focus is capturing stories by empowering women all over the world to remove the veil of shame and guilt through sharing their own journeys. We realized early on that empowering women and giving them a platform was the first step; the second was providing a safe place for them to connect to other women where they could grow & be discipled. We are Unveiled creates a safe place for women to connect, find belonging in community, and learn how to share their story. This plays out through our online community, Evening with We Are Unveiled events, video testimonies and most recently our We Are Unveiled Volume magazine. This interactive Volume (releasing on February 19th) allows readers to dive deep into our featured story and share their own journey within the pages of each Volume. By sharing your story, you open the door for someone else to share. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability. Our hope in all that we do is that we not only encourage people to share their stories, but also disciple them by giving them the tools to fully process and find healing along their journey. 

SC: You do such a beautiful job telling the stories of women, what drives how you tell these stories?

MZ: If I’m honest it’s Jesus. If you study the Gospels and the ministry of Jesus, you see all throughout scripture that He told stories. Jesus was constantly using storytelling to minister to, disciple, and captivate any and all audiences around Him. We in our human nature are story-tellers and we connect deeply to stories we hear; especially authentic ones. Our ultimate drive is to fulfill the call God gave us, to share His daughters’ stories. If we continue to do that well, I know we will be on the right path.

SC: If you could give one message to millenial women, what would it be?

MZ: This is always a tough question but I have to go with ‘be who God made you to be, unashamedly.’ Because those crazy quirks, things you love, and desires you have are things He put within you. And you suppressing who you really are only limits our Creator God from allowing his daughter to truly shine as He intended. Many millennial women try hard to fit in, make sure that guy likes you, keep up perfect appearances, etc.; but that’s not real life. The abundant and full life Jesus came for means that you can be fully known and fully loved, so own your journey, own who you are, and share your story.