We Want in Over our Heads

“Is there a pool?” It’s the question you’re most likely to hear me ask when I am considering where to stay on any vacation that falls between March and September. But not all pools are created equal. I am scouring Airbnb’s for a pool with a lounging ledge. You know the ones. I’m talking about a pool that boasts a space just wide enough for a lounge chair and just carved out enough to allow for water that’s depth is measured in inches instead of feet.

It’s all about being by the pool with the option to dip my toe in if I feel like it.

But then the pool day arrives. I sit in the sun, lazily drape a limp or two over the chair and instantly all my lounge ledge dreams evaporate. As I slip my hand below the surface I find that, just like me, the water I was counting on to refresh me has been baking. It’s warm—hot even. When the sun and the lounge ledge compete for summer prominence, the sun wins. Inevitably I go searching for deeper water. Something that stands up to the sun.

Young adults today are searching for deeper water.

For twenty-somethings, the realization that life is going to ask you to adult today and everyday thereafter moves out of theory and settles into reality. It starts with jobs, apartments, friendships, romantic relationships and responsibilities and quickly it moves into a roommate losing a parent, or hearing that one of your closest friends is getting a divorce, or is it an annulment? You aren’t sure because it ended so fast.

Then the world that seemed simply to be made up of bucket-list travel destinations reveals itself to carry concerns as horrific as the Tetons are majestic. What are we to think of the refugee crisis and our own nations besetting racism? We want to know how to care for orphans and what it takes to end sex trafficking.

As we gather life experience, any illusion that this whole thing was going to go off without a hitch begins to fade away and the expectation that a faith with a depth measured in inches will fend off the fatigue of the sun evaporates.

We ache for a faith that can stand up to the rising temperatures of life. We desire a faith with depth.

It turns out, that’s exactly what God offers the spiritually sun baked.

2 Peter 1:3 says that “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.”

The depths that can handle our questions, reassure us in our concerns, and refresh our exhausted spirit is found in increasing our knowledge of the One who offers himself to as the “living water.” Building our own faith, or ushering others toward faith, that’s only as thick as spiritual platitudes and pretty journals doesn’t do justice to the God whose measure is “broader than the earth and deeper than the sea” (Job 11:7-9). The gospel frees us to ask questions of God, to dive into our Bibles, and to wrestle with the hard things in community all in pursuit of the One who saved us.

The spiritual lounging ledge is a let down. We’re ready to go diving.