The Top 4 Reasons to Sign up for Sparrow Conference 2016, Now


The Top 4 Reasons to Sign up for Sparrow Conference 2016, Now.

“Noooooo, just five more minutes, please. . .” In a hazy and slumbered state of denial you roll over and slap the snooze button – Sound familiar? No? Ok, how about this one? We just kicked off a new year. A year of possibilities. The year we plan to dust off that pair of old running shoes and finally hit the trails. The year we have promised ourselves that in the next 365 days we will for sure (fill in the blank here). But for some reason January 1st rolled around and we still found ourselves saying, “tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow . . . pinky promise.” Well, don’t worry. If you identify with any of the above mentioned, you are not alone. Many of us struggle with procrastination (yes, there’s a name for it). We procrastinate about things that are beneficial to us all the time; stopping that bad habit, working out, eating healthier foods etc. Whatever it is, we tend to put off those lingering to-dos and/or think to ourselves, I’ll take care of it . . . soon. Guess what? Today you have a chance to flip that script! Today you have a chance to embrace the now and say goodbye to I’ll-do-it-later. How you ask? By registering for Sparrow Conference 2016 now, that’s how! From now until January 31st, you can get 25% off your conference ticket with Early Bird Registration! We really want you to join us April 8th and 9th in Dallas, TX for a powerful weekend of Biblical teaching, fellowship with other women, and being reminded of your identity in Christ. Not convinced just yet to jump online and sign up? Well then, here are the Top 4 Reasons we think you should register before the end of the month:

1. Everyone Will Be There.

Well not really everybody, but several hundred other young women will be! From all over the country, millennial women in seasons of life very similar to yours will be flocking to Dallas. They will join us to sit under some phenomenal teaching and to be reminded of their purpose and freedom in Christ. There are a limited amount of tickets and Early Bird Registration assures you get a seat. When we say you don’t want to miss this conference? We mean it!

2. Did Somebody Say Girl’s Trip?

Can you say Girl’s Trip? We loved seeing the pairs and groups of friends roll into Sparrow Conference 2015, laughing and expectant and ready to experience the conference together. Sparrow Conference 2016 could serve as a fun weekend to reconnect with old friends as you seek the Lord together. By signing up early, you can assure flights are booked for your pals, road trips are mapped out, and everyone is locked and loaded with their ticket. What a fun thing to look forward to!

3. Ready - Set - Breakouts

We’ve got breakouts galore covering topics from “What I Wish I Knew in My Twenties” to “How to Study the Bible” and so much more! By signing up early for the conference, you will be sure to secure your spot in the breakout session of your choice. Seating is limited, so the sooner you sign up for the sessions you’d like to sit in, the better. With the terrific line up of women we have speaking in the breakouts this year, we know it will be standing room only.

4. The Early Bird Catches the. . . .Discount!

Last but definitely not least, Early Bird Registration helps save you 25% off your conference ticket! That is an outright steal for the action-packed 2 days the Sparrow Team is putting together for you ladies. We know the value of a dollar, and want to help you save yours. Early Bird Registration is the way to go if you really want to come to Sparrow Conference and you are looking to save money doing so.

I could go on and on as to why Early Bird Registration makes sense for you, but I don’t want to hold you any longer. I know after reading all of this, you’re itching to go to the Register tab and sign up already! Can’t wait to see you in April!