Preparing for Sparrow Conference 2016


As Sparrow Conference 2016 approaches, the team is finishing up details and getting ready. Likely, you are moving through the week getting things prepared to attend Sparrow this weekend as well. We could not be more excited!!!!

The theme this year is to “Be Rooted”. Whether you signed up for a weekend of rest, challenge, or encouragement, we are hopeful that everyone will walk away with a stronger understanding of what it means to be rooted in Christ.

Mostly though, we are praying. We are praying for each of you by name and we are praying that the Lord will move in Sparrow Conference 2016.

That won’t happen by accident though, so whether this is your first year attending Sparrow or you have been coming for years, here are a few ways we want to invite you to prepare.

 1. Prepare to be present

This weekend will be a break from your normal routine. We will gather to hear teaching and worship. Being so connected digitally can make it difficult to be present. Even if you have your phone on silent, your mind can still be distracted by the to-do list waiting for you on Monday morning. We encourage you to try and “unplug” for the weekend.

Pray that the Lord would give you undivided attention to learn and worship.

2. Prepare to be honest

Spending a weekend being taught the Bible and worshipping will be sure to reveal, convict, and comfort. Be brave in sharing what you are learning with the people you came with, the friends checking in on you, or grab a volunteer for prayer.

Pray that the Lord would give you the courage to be honest before Him and His people.

3. Prepare to be loved

The women serving you are there to pray and meet you where you are. From the women you meet in the parking lot to the women on stage teaching, know that their hearts this weekend are to honor the Lord and love you well.

Pray that the Lord would give you eyes to see how loved you are through the small details to the bigger moments.

 4.Prepare to enjoy your time

At a women’s conference geared towards millennials, there is sure to be fun and beauty. Remember the gift the Lord has given you in spending a weekend worshipping and responding. Respond by enjoying the good gift of a break from the normal.

Pray that you would see and enjoy the details prepared for you.

 5. Prepare with expectation

We are gathering to be taught the Word. Expect that the Lord speaks through His word and ask for the Lord to move in your heart by hearing the truth.

Pray that you would see Colossians with fresh eyes and leave a different woman for it.

Most importantly, prepare with confidence that the Lord sees you and hears your prayers.

We cannot wait to see you!