Joy in Every Season: Walking with Friends through Engagement

A few months ago, I was slowly but surely inducted into a new club.

My initiation came through sympathetic looks, navigation tips, and lots of changes in my bank account balance.

I didn’t join a Greek organization, a country club, or buy a new home. Instead, I  happened upon the mysterious and new world of having close friends date, marry, and honeymoon.

Jokes, stereotypes and horror stories aside, I have found this season to be incredibly rewarding and fun! I expected the tears that came from my eyes when my best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor. What I didn’t expect were the many lessons of grace, adulthood, friendship, and discipleship that would abound all the more.

By God’s grace, as first dates, DTR’s, and sneaky text messages of engagement rings cascaded, the Lord was so kind to remind me of two important things: I will walk with people in far more seasons than I will ever encounter and the gift of friendship is for me, but it is not about me.

As a dear friend told me recently, He will always provide what you need and He often provides more, even if it comes differently than what you would have expected. But what strikes me is the reality that even if I receive the desires of my heart—to fall in love with a godly man, build a home on sacrifice, covenant, and ministry, and raise children in fear and admonition of the Lord—I will walk alongside far more relationships than I can ever experience. I will witness exceedingly more covenants being made than I will ever enter.

At the end of college, I remember looking back on all the experiences I had during that season. Some were mundane and others were extraordinary. Overwhelmingly though, the theme was this: those circumstances and experiences were for me, but they were not about me. I have found the same to be true as I have tried on bridesmaid dresses, anxiously avoided friends I knew would be engaged soon, and even wrestled with all the intricacies of traveling to and from celebrations. The Lord has been kind to remind that the transition, the celebration, and the discipleship of my dear friends in this new season of life are not about me. No, not at all. Instead, they are for me. They are for me to marvel at God’s diverse displays of kindness. The Lord’s kindness has been extended to me deeply because of my friends’ blessings and for His goodness in that, I can praise His name.

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! " - (Psalm 103:1)