Interview with Jada Edwards

Sparrow Conference 2017 is quickly approaching and we are so excited to hear from the women who will be teaching and encouraging us from the Book of James all weekend long!  Jada Edwards graciously answered a few questions as we prepare to gather, learn, and ask the Lord to move through our time next weekend. 


Please tell us about yourself!

I'm a wife to an awesome guy, a mommy to two great kids, a lover of humor, a student of the Bible, a teacher of truth, a serious shopper (I find the best deals in record time), and a music junkie!

How did you become passionate about studying God’s word and teaching it to others?

I have personally experience some of my most significant growth and life change but simply studying the scripture.  I am convinced that discipline of study and discernment of the Spirit are all it takes to make God's word come alive in our hearts and lives and I'm committed to sharing that truth.

What concerns you and what makes you hopeful about this generation of young women?

 I'm concerned by what seems to be a high consumption of truth with minimal results - life change.  I'm hopeful for the growing number of young women who are willing to be different - not just at a glance but from the inside out.

What advice do you have for young women who desire to honor the Lord through by their lives?

Steady diet of truth (God's word) and a small community you can trust (God's people).

If you could give 20 and 30 year old self advice what would it be?  

1 - You don't have to experience something to know it's not for you and to know it won't please God.  2 - you don't need to convince people that God is the way.  He doesn't need a salesperson.  He needs a sold out person.  Let your life speak.

What is your hope for women at Sparrow Conference this year?

That they will see truth revealed and understand the perfection is not our goal but a constant pursuit of God.