Daily Pedicures

Do you remember your first pedicure?  I do!  I recall being a sophomore in high school and my mom offering to take me for a surprise treat.  Not knowing what was in store, I hopped into the car with my heart and mind racing about what she had up her sleeve.  We pulled up to a fancy storefront and as she led me into Mona’s Nails, I realized that my long awaited hope for a pedicure was about to be fulfilled!  I will never forget how pampered and relaxed I felt during the pedicure and how I left feeling like a princess! Unfortunately, I have never been the most graceful lady you will meet.  It was only a matter of time before I had scuffed one nail and chipped another.  I was quickly demoted from my princess status to a poser, a girl whose toes looked like they may have once had a pedicure. Oh, I tried to touch up my toes, even buying the exact same color from the salon, but they never looked quite the same.

Since that day I have had many pedicures, and it never fails that I have the eventual same demise.  I really wish I could have a daily pedicure to keep my toes looking lovely; how awesome would that be?!

Similar to my tragic fall from princess to poser with my toes, I have felt this in my relationship with Jesus.  While I know that my standing as an adopted daughter of the King will never change, without daily time spent knowing Jesus through his Word and prayer, I clumsily stumble through my days.  I begin speaking without thinking, allowing bitterness to grow in my heart, and ride the roller coaster of comparison with other girls.  It is ugly!  Far worse than a scuffed toe or two, my whole life becomes a mess.  I attempt to fix myself up just like those toes by plastering a fake smile across my face, busying myself with “important” activities, and most often by just trying a little harder and fighting to be a little bit stronger.  However, while my attempts may slide past, unnoticed by anyone else for awhile, I can only fake it for so long.  Eventually, I crumble into an even bigger broken mess!

The Lord created us to need Him, not just to be saved from our sin and death. We need him daily!  Even better than a daily pedicure, daily time spent with Jesus restores your soul and transforms you to be more like Him.  The Bible is God’s gift to us, and to not savor its words is to seriously miss out!  While a daily pedicure is unreasonable and rather ridiculous, daily time spent with the Lord is vital and valuable as you walk through life.  He is the One True God of Everything and wants you to acknowledge Him as the authority in every aspect of your life.  Spending time with him by praying and reading His Word is sure to guide you through your darkest days and your brightest days and all of those in between.  It is not a magical pill to make everything better, but it does assure you that you will never walk alone (Deuteronomy 31:6), that He has good plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11), that He loves you no matter what (Isaiah 54:10), that you are a lovely work of His hands (Ephesians 2:10), that you have the privilege of enjoying God (Psalm 16:11), and that you can be secure because of the blood of Jesus (Hebrews 10:19-22)!

Maybe your toes won’t always make you feel like a princess, but I can assure you that spending daily time with Jesus will make you feel like the princess that you are, a daughter of the King!